June 2022

United Passaic Organization (UPO) is one of over 1000 community ACTION agencies nationwide tasked with eradicating poverty. Our grassroots organization has been serving the residents of Passaic for over forty years. We use tools, resources, innovation, including this community needs assessment, to drive our programming and services offered through our agency. We can’t do this work alone and appreciate all our community partners and donors alike for the help they provide UPO. Thank you to our community partners, Board of Directors, and most importantly our clients that completed surveys or questionnaires to assist us in compiling this report.

Results Oriented Management and Accountability


Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) is a results-oriented/evidence-based system of organizational management developed by the Community Action network to comprehensively evaluate community needs and leverage resources from federal, state, local, and private sectors to strategically address these issues.

The basic principles of ROMA include the following:

1. Development of a comprehensive assessment of community needs and resources

2. Development of a strategic plan based on the community assessment

3. Implementation of the organization’s strategic plan

4. Observation and reporting of results

5. Program evaluation

The National Community Action Theory of Change was released by the network in 2017 as a graphical representation of the core principles, performance management framework, and services/strategies implemented and led by the Network to achieve the goals of Community Action across the nation.

UPO "The National Community Action Network Theory of Change Community Action Goals"

This Community Needs Assessment was developed using input from key stakeholders including clients, community members, staff members, and board members using the following methods:

1. A survey tool was developed for clients and staff members to complete online.

2. A survey tool was developed for Board members and community stakeholders to complete online.


Our data indicates the following top needs in Passaic County and the City of Passaic:












Soft Skills




United Passaic Organization Services Rendered

Housing Payment Assistance
Utility Payment Assistance
Nutrition & Food/Meals
Eligibility Determination


The United Passaic Organization has been meeting the needs of the low income citizens of Passaic, New Jersey for over 40 years. This Community Needs Assessment will serve as the tool to direct our focus for the next three years in our fight against poverty. We will continue our fight and continue to meet the needs of the low income, vulnerable citizens in Passaic, New Jersey for as long as we are needed.